Annual Fund Campaign 2019

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At NativityMiguel, we’re committed to using approaches to education that are grounded in best practices, meet the unique needs of our students, and prepare our graduates for success in high school and beyond. In 2018, we introduced an Advisory Program, which involves our students in the process of setting their own educational goals. Our students have embraced this new program with great enthusiasm, demonstrating their commitment to personal growth and achievement. This year, we ask that you would make an annual donation to NativityMiguel in honor of our extraordinary students.

NativityMiguel’s Advisory Program

Three times per year, NativityMiguel students meet with their assigned advisors—our faculty members—to discuss their academic progress and set goals. Called Advisory Days, these days incorporate enrichment activities designed to broaden our students’ exposure to new ideas and experiences, build teamwork, and encourage positive decision-making. Recent activities include STEM-themed experiments, team-building challenges, art projects, and even cooking lessons!

The students’ goals are a main feature of their Personalized Education Plans, which include objective data, teacher assessments, and a structured tutoring program. Our students provided this feedback on the impact of goal-setting:

“My advisor helped me understand how I can achieve my goal. I am determined to achieve my goal, and I thank my advisor for putting me on this right track.”

“It is helpful to set a goal with my advisor because it really helps me focus on something positive [and] it boosts my confidence.”

At NativityMiguel, our students’ tuition payments, which cover just 5% of the school’s operating costs, are a sacrifice families make to give their children a chance at a better future. To deliver an education that includes extended learning time, personal mentoring, graduate support, and a spiritual foundation, we look to the community to bridge the gap between what our families can afford to pay—and the $10,000 needed to educate each student.

Please give generously to this year’s Annual Fund Drive. Your donation will help us continue to provide high-impact programs, like the Advisory Program, to our exceptional students. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!
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To learn more about a Day in the Life of a NativityMiguel student on Advisory Day , click here:

Boys playing games on Advisory Day