Faculty & Staff 2021-2022

Administration/Student Support

Mrs. Nancy M. Langer (nlanger@nativitymiguelbuffalo.org)


Mr. Horace Miller


Mrs. Kate Dillon

Vice President of Operations

Miss Dona Bronkie

Office Manager – St. Augustine Campus

Ms. Carole Rosa

Office Manager – St. Monica Campus

Educational Leadership

Father Edward Durkin, S.J


Mrs. Susan Cain

Vice President of Curriculum & Instruction


Mrs. Marilyn Solomon-Ward

Lead Teacher

Mrs. Deborah Mulhern

Vice Principal

Mr. Ashley Dorcely

Assistant Principal

Faculty: St. Monica Campus

Mrs. Marilyn Solomon-Ward

Science, Religion and Health

Mrs. Dawn Garippo

English Language Arts, Reading, Title I Reading

Ms. Hermela Forth

Mathematics, Title I Mathematics

Mr. Aswad Jones

Social Studies and Physical Education

Mrs. Jill Marks


Mr. Aswad Jones

Physical Education

Ms. Jessica Garippo

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Mary Reiser

Basketball Coach

Faculty: St. Augustine Campus

Father Edward Durkin, S.J.


Mrs. Deborah Mulhern

Reading, English Language Arts

Mr. Ashley Dorcely

Physical Education, Health

Mr. Jerome Brundidge


Mr. Joshua Huffman (NativityMiguel Class of 2011)

Social Studies


Mrs. Michel Ann Group

Title I Reading and Academic Services

Mrs. Jill Marks


Mrs. Barbara Pitkin

Mathematics and Title I Mathematics