Our Mission

NativityMiguel Middle School (NMMS) is a faith-based middle school transforming the lives of underserved students through single gender education in a secure and nurturing environment. In partnership with our families, we deliver a uniquely effective education that includes an extended school day and school year, dedicated and caring teachers, personal mentoring and continuing support through high school graduation.

Mission Aligned Admissions Standards

NMMS does not discriminate on grounds of race, color, sex, orientation, religion, or physical ability. Due to the unique structure of the school year with its mandatory student summer leadership program, NMMS can only accept students for the fifth and sixth grade, with occasional space available each year for seventh grade transfers. 

NMMS is based on the East Side of Buffalo, a traditionally-marginalized neighborhood in Buffalo NY. The admissions policy is designed to admit applicants from the East Side and other city of Buffalo neighborhoods who will most benefit from NMMS’s mission and philosophy. 

The admissions committee will be composed of a multi-disciplinary team of NMMS faculty, staff and administration. Only this team and the admissions director will have access to all the information in the application files. 

Priority in admission is given to applications that demonstrate all of the following:

  • An applicant who is willing to be formed into a man or woman for others.
    • Characteristics include a strong work ethic, care and compassion for others, and a desire to learn through possessing a good attitude.
  • A family who will support the school’s faith-based, Catholic mission.
    • Characteristics include a commitment to daily punctuality and attendance, to communicate regularly with the school, to support the personal formation of the child, and to post-secondary education for their child.