Year End Update – A Message from Nancy Langer

Dear Friends of NativityMiguel:

It is amazing how much time has passed since the abrupt closing of our school buildings in March! I am happy to be in touch today with much positive news as we look forward to the future.

As we reach the conclusion of the school’s academic year, I am pleased to report we have successfully maintained contact with all our families. Our students completed their written work and the majority of them connected with their teachers online. It was great to see them on Zoom or to say “hello” in person as they stopped by the school parking lot.

Online Education. Some of our students thrived with online learning, inspiring us to create a category of “Pass with Distinction” for our end of the year assessments. In addition, teachers added comments to reports cards to recognize those students who are ready, willing, and able to participate in distance learning in high school. I am extremely proud of our students and their teachers; even those who never imagined themselves on Zoom calls are now comfortable enough to appear on TV! Check out the story about our “afterschool” science program that aired on WKBW Channel 7:

Graduation and Summer. We were grateful for the opportunity to hold small, in-person graduations for the Class of 2020 at St. Michael’s Jesuit Church Downtown and to deliver congratulatory lawn signs to each family. As we enter summer, we are working with our teachers and community partners to develop some virtual opportunities to connect with our current and new students in July and August, while exploring possible in person options.

Collaboration: During this time of increased traffic on Zoom, we have been able to take advantage of our memberships in the NativityMiguel Coalition, the Miguel Schools, and the Jesuit Schools Network to gather valuable information on how the pandemic is impacting schools like ours across the country. This is proving especially valuable as we re-imagine our fundraising strategy going forward.

Looking Toward the Future with Hope: While things have changed dramatically for all of us, one thing remains constant– our hope for the future. We look forward to welcoming our students back in September and the opportunities their return provides us to meet their needs in new ways. To do this, we need your help:

Pray with Us. As a faith-based school, we are blessed with the ability to join together in prayer even when we are physically apart. Please join us as we pray for our families, our students, teachers, staff, for each other and for our world.

Stay Connected. Please follow us on social media and help us remain in the community’s eye by liking and sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram.

This summer we will be launching a new fundraising campaign that will help us raise the essential dollars needed to support our students. Until then, please continue to stay healthy and safe. If you have any questions, please reach out. I would be happy to hear from you.

You can remain proud of being part of this extraordinary mission.


Nancy M. Langer, President
(716) 984-5146 or (716) 836-5188