NativityMiguel Gives Our Community Hope for a Brighter Future

Reflections from a First Time Scholars Awards Banquet Attendee 2017
Each student attending NativityMiguel gives our community hope for a brighter future


Thanks for everyone who attended in 2017!
Having never been to the NativityMiguel annual dinner I did not know what to expect when I was invited to attend last year. I knew a little bit about NativityMiguel, having performed community service at the school my junior year at Canisius High School, their mission and the success that they have had in changing the community. It was such a nice surprise to see one of my classmates from high school, a NativityMiguel graduate, in attendance as well.
At first I thought this night would be an opportunity to learn more about NativityMiguel, different ways I could get involved, and learn the plans NativityMiguel has going forward. I had high expectations going in, but what I experienced was much more than I had envisioned.
The first and most shocking thing that I noticed was the
The formal program started with a tribute to NativityMiguel teachers.
number of NativityMiguel students that attended and greeted each person as they entered the event. I was not expecting the students to be there. This was the most impactful part of the night, especially seeing the enthusiasm and pride for their school displayed on their faces. They spoke about how the school has impacted them, how much they enjoyed going to school, and about the passion that each teacher at NativityMiguel has to help them succeed. Then there was time for conversation with other attendees, great prizes and auction items to benefit the school, and an unbelievable dinner.
Jim Basil attends with his family.
Later we heard from an alumnus who spoke about his experience at NativityMiguel and how it has opened the door for so many opportunities. He spoke about many of his successes that were in large part because of NativityMiguel.  Following this we heard from Fr. Durkin, in my opinion the heart and soul of NativityMiguel, who spoke about the importance NativityMiguel has on the community. A large part of his message was focused on how NativityMiguel looks for students who have the desire to make life changing commitments in order to help themselves. The bigger picture, as I see it, is that each student attending NativityMiguel gives our community hope for a brighter future.
The passion from the faculty and teachers was so real, but for me I think seeing the students in attendance that show their appreciation and realize the opportunity they are given going to NativityMiguel makes the event one that I will look forward to each year!
Please join me at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center on May 9th! Click here for all the details.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Basil

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