Kathy Killelea Gives NativityMiguel Students the Ultimate Gift: She Believes in Them

Kathy has been volunteering one day a week with NativityMiguel for more than eight years. She spends most of her time on the St. Monica’s Campus; in fact, she was the first NativityMiguel volunteer to be placed in a regular position at St. Monica’s.

Although Kathy wears “many hats,” her primary role is as office administrator. She answers phones, tracks student attendance, and welcomes guests—and yet her impact is far greater than a list of her activities. For one, the students know she’s there because she believes in them. About why she comes back year-after-year, Kathy says, “When the girls start in 5 th and 6 th grade, there’s always a few you become attached to, and you want to see through until the end. By the time they’re in 8 th grade, there are new ones coming in. And the cycle continues.”

With a warm smile and a welcoming presence, Kathy is a “people person,” at-home amidst the energy and enthusiasm of the students. After spending 18 years raising her children, Kathy worked in several customer-focused jobs—mostly, in start-up companies—that drew on her ability to connect with others. She is a mother of three, grandmother of ten, and pseudo-grandmother to dozens of NativityMiguel girls each year.

Kathy believes that, when it comes to her time at NativityMiguel, the privilege is all hers. She cares for the students deeply, and she loves seeing them graduate and succeed in high school. She is proud of the part she plays in preparing them for the future. Because she’s been volunteering with NativityMiguel for eight years, some of the first students she knew are now seniors in high school. She’s eager to see where they will go next. Most of all, she tries to set a good example. She tries to model for the girls how they should act with each other, and she tries to reinforce the things the teachers instruct: to be kind to one another, to help each other, to include everyone, and to reach out if someone is struggling. She handles each challenge with grace, charisma, and an inimitable gift for connecting with people. In the end, she says, “the circle closes” when each student moves on.

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