Faculty & Staff

Administration/Student Support

Mr. Christopher Pitek (cpitek@nativitymiguelbuffalo.org)

Head of School

Mrs. Kate Dillon

Vice President of Operations

Mrs. Kathleen Naughton

Operations Consultant

Miss Dona Bronkie

Office Manager – St. Augustine Campus

Ms. Carole Rosa

Office Manager – St. Monica Campus


Educational Leadership

Father Edward Durkin, S.J


Mrs. Susan Cain

Vice President of Curriculum & Instruction


Mrs. Marilyn Solomon-Ward

Lead Teacher

Mr. Ashley Dorcely

Assistant Principal

Faculty: St. Monica Campus

Mrs. Marilyn Solomon-Ward

Science, Religion and Health

Mrs. Dawn Garippo

English Language Arts, Reading, Title I Reading

Ms. Hermela Forth

Mathematics, Title I Mathematics

Mr. Aswad Jones

Social Studies and Physical Education

Mrs. Jill Marks


Ms. Jessica Garippo

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Mary Reiser

Basketball Coach

Faculty: St. Augustine Campus

Father Edward Durkin, S.J.


Mr. Ashley Dorcely

Physical Education, Health

Mr. Joshua Huffman (NativityMiguel Class of 2011)

Social Studies 

Mrs. Michel Ann Group

Title I Reading and Academic Services

Mrs. Jill Marks


Mrs. Barbara Pitkin

Mathematics and Title I Mathematics