NativityMiguel Grad Makes Everyone Proud

Tina Akaic’s first impression of NativityMiguel wasn’t all positive: wearing uniforms and attending an all-girls’ school were new for her, and she didn’t particularly like either one. But, in time, she grew to like both and appreciate their benefits. Tina’s early life was something that many of us cannot imagine. It was far from idyllic. Our only understanding of the hardships … Continued

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From Rwanda to Cornell …. via NativityMiguel!

Talking with David Karambizi, you immediately are impressed by his insights, his intelligence, and his humility. What you’d never guess is the difficult road he has travelled to get to Cornell, where he is a sophomore studying pre med. Born in Rwanda, David and his family left when he was five to escape the war which ravaged his country. … Continued

Tyree Brown

Breaking News. Syracuse, NY. November 27, 2015 NativityMiguel graduate, Tyree Brown (St. Augustine Class of 2012), led South Park High School to this year’s New York State Public High Schools Athletic Association championship. Tyree has had an impressive year as quarterback of the Sparks, setting a number of school records. Congratulations Tyree and your team … Continued