Annual Fund Campaign 2016

NativityMiguel Annual Fund

Teach to Transform

There’s one key element in our students’ success that we don’t talk about nearly enough — our dedicated faculty and staff. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to share amazing stories with you about our graduates’ success at the best WNY high schools – and in college.

At a recent faculty meeting, I was not surprised by the responses when a guest asked our teachers what each would like to help them do their jobs better. Every response was 100% about the students, plain and simple.

Mrs. Mulhern, Mr. Dorcely and Father Durkin have influenced me to work harder and to become a better student. They taught me to be a great young man.

I want to thank Mr. Dorcely for all the hard work he made me do on the basketball court, in class and at home. He also taught me what a good role model looks and behaves like by his actions and words.

J.J. – 2016

Our teachers want to offer students stronger programs –
Art, Music, Science Lab. And they asked for whiteboards, projectors and more up-to-date technology – all needs so basic that teachers in most schools take them for granted.

The dedication of everyone here goes well beyond job descriptions. This is a mission. It’s not just about teaching, it’s about being a mentor, a role model. Perhaps most touching was a story a staff member told about a new student who came to camp but didn’t know how to make his bed: he didn’t have one at home. So, the staff member with help from the teachers bought a bed and delivered it to the student’s home!

Despite the fact that our students come from circumstances that present significant obstacles to academic success over 90% of the Class of 2012 graduated from high school this year! It’s impressive when compared to many of our Buffalo schools, which have a significantly lower graduation rate..

female students gathered around a teacher at a table
boys at NativityMiguel school with the teacher

At this school we receive so much support and they really care about our education. Our teachers have given us the key to the power we need to succeed in life. No matter where we go or what we do, there will be challenges ahead to us. I believe that we are prepared to take on these challenges with our heads held high and our hearts wide open.

M.D. – 2016

Please help our enormously dedicated faculty and staff continue their transformative work. Your contribution will go directly to support the work of our extraordinary teachers as they lead their students to a brighter future. Thank you.


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