NativityMiguel Middle School of Buffalo Admissions Process:

Step 1: Complete admissions application & submit all required documents

  • Documentation Required: Families must submit copies of the following documents via hard copy to the main office or electronically via the NMMS Admissions email: 
    • Initial application
    • Student’s birth certificate 
    • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill, canceled mail, government-issued ID, etc.)
    • Proof of income (e.g. previous year’s 1040, W2, letter from employer, etc.)
    • Final report card of prior grade and most recent report card of current grade.

Step 2: Complete Testing and Interviews

  • Testing: NMMS will administer a Math and ELA Assessment to all applicants who have filled out an application form and all required documents and have submitted them to us. Scores on the tests are one of many variables evaluated for admission to NMMS. 
  • Interviews: NMMS faculty, staff, and administration will interview students and parents at the same time. 

Step 3: Decision Letters: 

  • These will go out shortly after all documentation and results have been reviewed by the admissions committee. They will notify families about acceptance, wait list, or denial. 

Step 4: Complete Summer Program: (Final Approval Step)

  • Summer Program is required for all incoming students and is held at the school.
  • The program runs for 2 weeks.
    • Mon.-Fri., 10am – 2pm, July 8 – July 19, 2024.
  • The goal of the Summer Program focuses on the following goals:
    • Serve as a final evaluation for the school in the admissions process
    • Acclimate new students to school expectations and rhythms
    • Provide a space to build relationships and meet new classmates

New Family Welcome: June 2024

All families will be welcomed to an orientation/meeting in June 2024 in order to celebrate and receive additional information for the 2024-2025 school year.