NativityMiguel Welcomes Volunteers from St. Michael’s College Again This Year

Another Great Week of Service
from St. Michael’s College, Vermont
Again this year, NativityMiguel welcomed volunteers from St. Michael’s College to spend the week with us as their service trip. Throughout their service week, the students and their faculty leader helped in every way: from cleaning the fish tank, to tutoring our students after school, cheering on the basketball teams and everything in-between.  Our volunteers enjoyed working with the students and noticed the great sense of community and support our teachers and students possess.
At the St. Augustine Campus, a major project completed by our volunteers was opening the school store so our students could purchase the many donated items such as winter gear, pants, and shirts. In addition, they taught a select group of students how to run the store so they could keep it open the rest of the year.  The volunteers were impressed when four boys pooled their money to buy their teacher, Sr. Timothy, a few hats and she wore them later that day.
To show the strong bonds between everyone in the school community at the St. Monica Campus, our volunteers created a hallway mural of everyone’s handprints.  They also involved the entire school in a science experiment, organized school books and supplies, and prepared the school acquariam to receive new fish.
Our volunteers recognized the immense work and time our teachers give to all the students. One volunteer stated, “the teachers work the best they can and there is a lot of love at this school. The students really notice their dedication and understand they are being given a better opportunity here.”
We are very glad to have a long-standing relationship with St. Michael’s College and grateful to St. Lawrence Parish for hosting them at the Franciscan Guest House. Every year brings a new group of equally hard-working individuals. We are so grateful to have them for a week each year and enjoy seeing the wonderful things they accomplish each time. Without the help of all our outstanding volunteers, our school could not prepare our students as well for high school and beyond.
Thank you for everything you do for us!


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