To Nominate a Student

If you are someone other than a parent or guardian and know a student who would be a good fit for our school, please complete the Nomination Form available here below.   Parents and Guardians of a potential student, please scroll down for additional information.  Thank you!

New Student Nomination Form 2021

Who We Are

We are an affordable faith-based middle school preparing students for success in high school and beyond.  Our motto is Young Women & Young Men in Pursuit of Excellence.  We partner with parents for success in education.

What We Provide

  • A scholarship for every student
  • Small classes for students in grades 5th - 8th
  • Individual attention from teachers and staff
  • A secured, structured learning environment
  • Bus transportation through the local school district
  • An extended school day
  • Summer learning and enrichment opportunities
  • High school tuition assistance for graduates

How to Apply

There are four steps to our Admissions Process.  Successful completion of our summer school and summer camp are required for admission.

  1. The Interview
  2. New Parent Meeting
  3. Summer Program
  4. Summer Camp  (due to Covid-19 summer camp is suspended for this year)

We are looking for students entering fifth or sixth grade in September. Limited openings may be available for seventh or eighth grade.

How to apply:  Please call the school office  (716) 836-5188.  We will help you schedule an interview of the potential student and a parent or guardian with Mrs. Ward for girls or Father Durkin for boys so you learn about the school first hand. You may also complete a Family Information Form online and we will contact you.  Thank you!

Family Information Form

  • Student Information


    Address is necessary only if it is different from the student.

  • Mother/Female Guardian

  • Father/Male Guardian

Informational Flyers

Saint Augustine Campus for Boys

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Saint Monica Campus for Girls

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